“The First Wealth is Health”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Zuirrae Mitchell

Total Life Changer

Owner of She Imagined Sweets


Are you looking for a healthy life change and an increase in your gross revenue for 2020? Join Zunicornz on our journey to wellness with products that have changed millions of lives.


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At Total Life Changes (TLC) our purpose is to ‘provide products and a community that you’ll feel’ and in doing that we make every life we touch change for the better. Whether your goal is to better your health, earn extra income or just give yourself an overall sense of well-being, TLC is here to help you every step of the way.

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We strive to make our products accessible for everyone, so we’ve worked hard to maintain a business model where the products are affordable in every market. And when it comes to the effectiveness of our products, TLC uses only the highest grade of vitamins and supplements.

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About Me

Hi! My name is Zuirrae Mitchell. I am a health advocate with Total Life Changes and the Owner of She Imagined Sweets, the sweet shop that helps us focus on portion control.  As a Pastry Chef it’s not just my mission to make delicious desserts that capture eyes from all around the world.

I have a responsibility to make sure I use quality ingredients. Portion control became my main focus with my bite-sized cheesecakes along with using all natural ingredients from the Earth to offer my delicious vegan cheesecakes. Cashews are the main ingredient and they are rich in vitamin E, protein rich, a good source of minerals, particularly magnesium, zinc along with being a healthy source of antioxidants. Overall, they help boost your immune system and are considered a heart healthy treat! Sales have sky rocketed since people are now interested in all natural desserts and focused on their health now more than ever.

Up until early 2020 I was not taking the best care of myself. I struggled with my weight going up and down but never seemed to lose weight and keep it off. I wasn’t using the bathroom regularly and it was hard for me to slow down and focus on consuming the right foods that provided all the nutrients I needed in order to provide me the energy I needed to work out. I would complain to others about my weight gain, and my lack of time with such a busy lifestyle. Is that you with the same complaints?

I was introduced TLC’s all natural line of products by my friend and business associate.  I decided to join the company since I had already been looking to put my health first and have 2020 be my most profitable year. Since joining TLC my workouts are more productive and my business bank account has grown!  In the first month alone I lost 10 pounds. My body craves healthy foods and overall I am lighter and healthier.

Imagine taking 1 TBSP of a sweet multivitamin liquid that is equivalent to eating 10 salads! My favorite product is NutraBurst, which contains 72 Minerals, 12 Vitamins, 22 Phytonutrientts, 18 Amino Acids, and 18 vegetables. We can’t expect anything to change unless we take the necessary steps towards that desired outcome. The best and 1st wealth will always be your health.

If you are ready to take control of what you consume by focusing  on all natural products and ready to join a lucrative business that cares about what people consume, take this walk with me. Join me on the “First Wealth is Health” journey. Become a Life Changer today!


I needed to take charge of my health. I was tired of making excuses. I have a responsibility to encourage my community to make better health choices. Building and coaching a network of Life Changers who have a drive and passion to make a change is my mission. Provide the team with resources to promote their brand as well as their healthy lifestyle.


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Location: North, New Jersey

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